Waltz at VDC

Jay Aland moved to the Village at Deaton Creek in 2007 and promptly started a dance group with a focus on waltz.  We met once a month for many years, but we will put Waltz on the back burner for a while and teach Argentine Tango.

Tango is famously difficult and utterly fabulous. We will show  you a way to dance that has the essence of tango but leaves out a lot of the complications. We focus on using simple, intuitive steps to dance very musically instead of having to learn a bunch of fancy steps and moves.
Dancing is one of the best forms of exercise and social contact there is.  Dancers live longer (and have more to live for).  Many (most?) of us living here at Village at Deaton Creek have either danced when we were younger, or have long desired to dance.  Waltz Adventure provides the opportunity for all of us to dance, whether we already know how, or want to learn.